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Security Check for Your Boats

Peace of Mind for You

Learn how to protect your boat from crime and vandalism in marinas
Boat Maintenance Checklist For Boat Owners: A checklist for boat owners to maintain their boats in top condition.
Safety on Boats and in Marinas: A list of do's and don'ts for boat owners and marina owners.
Best Security Checklist For Boat Owners A check list for all boat owners who are contemplating moving to a new marina
Learn to tie the most common marine knots and sailor's knots.
Marina Security Cameras: check your boat from the comfort of your living room.

Boat Security Checking...

That's Our Business! That's all we do!

Safe Marina knows the marina security, and boat security business well. Our professional boat checking personnel are chosen from a large group of select applicants for their conscientiousness, honesty, application to detail, and above all, their dedication to the security of your boat while you are away.

Safe Marina security professionals are selected from the best in North America. All applicants are then strictly and thoroughly screened through a series of increasingly demanding application procedures and tests. Finally, all successful applicants are put through a probationary period under the supervision of a long-term, trusted Safe Marina Security Instructor.

On average, out of 100 applicants, only one is allowed to become a Safe Marina Boat Checker. In the end, only the best survive the rigorous screening and training process, and only the best will be allowed to check on your boat when you cannot be there. Your peace of mind and your boat's security are our goal.

Security for Boat Owners

For boat owners who wish to protect their boat from theft, vandalism, and accidental loss or damage we can schedule a regular check of your boat and send you a report.

    Safe Marina Scheduled Boat Check (click here)

    One of our marine security specialists will conduct a comprehensive security check of your boat at specified times you choose. The security request registration page for individual boat owners contains a complete list of items that can be checked during our security check. In addition to the strict security policies we apply to all boats in our car, our Marine Security Professionals are well versed in the operation of power boats and sailboats and are prepared to deal with all types of special security requests for your marine craft,.

    Whether you choose to have a security professional do a complete security check of your boat every day, once a week, or just once a month, you can be sure that we will conduct a thorough examination of all items you have selected as well as any items you specify in the “miscellaneous” form field. In addition, we will use our Best Security Checklist to ensure your boat remains safe and secure. Our marine security specialists will perform the inspection at regular intervals you specify and fix any security issues immediately if necessary and report to you what has been done and what needs to be done.

    For your peace of mind, each time we complete our regular boat security inspection you will be notified... even if there are no problems. We want you to be secure in the knowledge that your boat is being taken care of on a regular basis. Register now and get a head start on security for your boat.